Rising Above The Traffic In New Jiangwan City

With the first irregular shaped beam, 23.2 meters long, 3.2 meters wide and 1.1 meters high, being installed smoothly, the “first span” of the elevated corridor of New Jiangwan City has been completed.



Located north of Wujiaochang, the project is considered one of the most important in Yangpu District. The length of the main bridge is about 360 meters, the length of the east-west axis is about 150 meters, the length of the north-south axis is about 90 meters, the width of the main bridge deck is about 6 meters, widening out to 11.5 meters. There are 9 steel stairs, 7 escalators and 5 vertical elevators.



The corridor of New Jiangwan City is not a traditional overpass. It connects the buildings and shopping centers, creating a unique aerial landscape and space for leisure.



The corridor will also build a large area of greenery, creating a hanging courtyard. In addition, the corridor will be decorated with scattered flower and seats, which makes the whole corridor not only a means of passage, but also a place where people are willing to stay and rest.



It is believed that the elevated corridor in New Jiangwan City will become a landmark in Shanghai, aiming to reduce the both stress of traffic and the stress in people’s daily lives.



Editor: Zhu Yan