Robots Join Battle Against Coronavirus As Timely Helpers

Robots have joined the battle against the coronavirus outbreak.


At hospitals in Shanghai, Wuhan and Beijing, robots are helping in initial inquiries, diagnosis, ward nursing, disinfection, cleaning and other tasks, relieving the pressures and risks on strained doctors and nurses.


In Shanghai, a robot, developed by China Mobile and a partner, will start work on Monday at Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital.


The robot, which has been tested at the hospital already, uses 5G and cloud computing. It can deal with some nursing and disinfection duties in wards.


Also at Peking University Shougang Hospital, two robots are on duty in consulting and pharmacy rooms.


Some robots have been delivered to Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, according to developer OrionStar.


The OrionStar robots help doctors diagnose patients while delivering drugs and testing sheets, relieving the risk of infection in hospitals.


Source: SHINE