Tradition Rolling In The Deep

If a culture is in part defined by its traditions, then we have to protect as many as we can from being forgotten. Across China, people are taking up the challenge to protect the country’s cultural heritage in order to present it to a whole-new generation who can cherish these time-honored practices.


One such person like this is Wang Zhengrong, who has chosen the rolling lamp performance as his cause to protect. Originally a way for farmers to let off steam after a hard day in the fields, rolling a spherical frame made of bamboo evolved in to a flashy performance that is used to open ceremonies and be a spectacle for delighted crowds.


Wang is engaged with community outreach programs that teach and promote rolling lamp to younger people, explaining the history and the moves that make this a special, and especially Chinese, traditional performance.


Editor: Gu Jia
Copywriter: Colin Hanna