Sailing Hero In Her Voice Chapter 14: Part Two


The moment Xu Lijia landed in Shanghai, she was driven straight to one of China’s best hospitals. After the operation, she stayed in Shanghai for another two weeks, following an expertly designed recovery program, while her mom waited on her at all times.


After the stitches were finally removed, Xu Lijia went to Dongshan, Fujian province, to the National Sailing Team’s training base for proper physical training. The physical training prepared her to re-join the team in Dongshan.



As was made clear in the previous episode, Jon lost many of his rights as a coach after the accident, and his healing and recovery methods, which were seen by his Chinese colleagues as unorthodox, further pushed him away from the Chinese Sailing Team.



It wasn’t just the accident that caused the rift; there were cultural reasons as well; Jon’s friendliness with Xu didn’t jive with the Chinese idea of coaching – in China, the coach is the authority, meant to be strict.


Also, Jon’s insistence on proving a point, or suggesting a different opinion made the other coaching staff bristle: in China, coaches aren’t questioned, much less disagreed with.


Critical thinking is very much a Western; seeking ultimate truth, highly competitive and rigorously defending whereas the Eastern way of thinking comes from Confucian-based philosophy of achieving peace and harmony; profoundly political, strictly controlled and highly ordered.


Xu and Jon perhaps should have bore these different social perspectives in mind, as cultural clashing can cause big problems to arise.


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Editor: Victoria