Exploring National Parks: Saving The Pandas From Themselves

Reintroducing captive pandas back into the wild is arduous work, for a very negligible increase in the overall panda population, so why do it at all? It comes down to the mating behavior of pandas in the wild.


Wild pandas actually face a significant threat of extinction from inbreeding alone. There isn’t actually one panda population. There are 33 fragmented populations spread across Sichuan Province, which have little to do with one another. Some of these fragmented groups total less than 10 pandas.


With numbers like these, reintroducing captive pandas into the wild serves a vital role in preserving the overall genetic diversity of China’s pandas. Here is a look into how conservationists are doing their utmost to save the pandas, and help out the lives of villagers who live near their habitat.


Video Source: KNEWS