Setting Up For Success With The World Skills Competition

Yesterday morning, Simon Bartley, President of World Skills International, came to Shanghai Publishing and Printing College to bring ‘a tip for success’ for Shanghai to train skilled personnel and run the 46th World Skills Competition.



Chances to Promote Skills Development


In 2021, the 46th World Skills Competition will be held in Shanghai, which is known as the “World Skills Olympics”. How can Shanghai have the most success in 2021? In Bartley’s opinion, before answering this question, we should first establish a measure of success.



Unlike the Olympic Games, the number of medals won is not the only measure of the success for the organizers of the World Skills Competition. Although the achievements of a country in the World Skills Competition can reflect the development level of its technical skills to a certain extent, the medal itself does not mean anything. ‘The winners of the World Skills Competition are like the top of the pyramid. They cannot live without the support of the pyramid.’ Bartley said. Before the World Skills Competition, we should take action as soon as possible to improve the teaching standards and promote the development of skills. At the same time, more and more young people are participating in competitions to improve their professional skills. If all participants make 1% progress, they will eventually make a huge contribution to the world economy.




Higher Vocational Colleges will expand enrollment this year


In addition to the competition itself, it is equally important to build an international platform for technical exchanges with the industry and organize high level conferences. Bartley said that every World Skills Competition attracts tens of thousands of visitors, including politicians, government representatives, employers, teachers, trainers and experts all over the world. With the help of this opportunity to hold various conferences, we can also promote the exchanges of ideas and technology among countries, and set up a benchmark for cross-national and technical disciplines.




The logistical co-ordination of the competition is also an important part that cannot be ignored. Due to the large number of competitors, hotels, restaurants, transportation and so on all need to be arranged in advance. ‘If the competitors can’t get to the competition site smoothly from their accommodation or food poisoning, how can it be a successful competition?’ Bartley said.




Knowing that China’s higher vocational colleges will enroll 1 million people this year, Bartley said that this is a very important step for China. ‘With the development of artificial intelligence and information technology, I think everyone must have his professional skills in the future.’



Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan