Shanghai Book Fair Rundown

The 2018 Shanghai Book Fair will hold 1,150 activities. 890 of them will be held in the main center and parallel sessions in bookstores and 260 of them will be held in parallel sessions in other districts. Guizhou as the guest province will showcase its various charms in this year’s book fair. China International Publishing Group will be attending the book fair for the first time, bringing almost 4,000 foreign books. Moreover, 28 guests from China and other countries will attend Shanghai International Literary Week. Literary boutiques will open to public for the first time, focusing on presenting best-selling books from home and abroad.




The Shanghai Book Fair will lead to a growing trend of Guizhou styles


Guizhou, with its rich minority group cultural resources, is the guest province of Shanghai Book Fair this year. It has a display area of 400 square meters. Guizhou exhibitors are bringing nearly 2,000 books as well as examples of its famed horsehair embroidery, silver ornaments and pottery.



An international platform for communicating culture


This year, the book fair will enrich and improve the variety of international books. China International Publishing Group will bring more than 5,750 books in 20-plus languages. As the biggest international publishing house, it publishes nearly a thousand multi-lingual books to meet the needs of foreign readers including the topics of contemporary China, traditional Chinese culture, literature, picture books for children, historical picture books, Chinese teachings and so on. Nevertheless, China International Book Trading Corporation, a branch of China International Publishing Group, is the largest book importer and exporter in China. 4,000 foreign books will be showed in the exhibition to satisfy the needs of domestic readers.




Shanghai International Literary Week


Shanghai International Literary Week, a branch of the Shanghai Book Fair, will celebrate its eighth year. From August 14th to August 20th, 28 domestic and foreign writers, poets and scholars will hold various literature activities such as major forums, poem nights and cooperation with London Literature Week.




Xinhua Net brings literary boutiques


Xinhua Net will build literary boutiques mainly presenting more than 2,000 best-selling domestic and foreign books in recent years involving the Nobel Prize for Literature, Mao Dun Prize for Literature and other prize-winning books at home and abroad, books that promote traditional culture, and literary boutique works revealing the theme of the “red culture”, Jiangnan culture, and Shanghai culture.





The 15th annual Shanghai Book Fair will be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from August 15 to 21.

Source: Eastday


Editor: Zhu Yan