Shanghai Design Week 2019 Launches With International Dash

2019 Shanghai Design Week starts this year on August 30th at Shanghai Exhibition Center. The theme is “Design Starts Again”. The 25,000 square meter exhibition hall will cater to nearly a 100 designers, and more than 200 brands from 10 different countries to present over 10,000 new products.



The 8th Shanghai Design Week this year will focus on the value of design through a collection of distinct presentations that will include a home design exhibition, a cross-border forum, a series of activities and 365 commercial extensions.



This year’s Design Week will be the first to combine the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System together with art works to launch the new ‘Shanghai Galaxy’ that integrates a navigation system, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and cartoon IP. It will also incorporate two IP roles out of eight others that will be launched during the design week to create a ‘Space Panda’ and a ‘Flying Pig’ with multiple scientific functions. By doing so visitors can experience the charm of integrating technology with art to create an immersive scene by transforming complex technology into artistic expression.



The theme area of sustainable design eco-aesthetics, created by Jackie Chan Creation, and Art Center is ‘Waste-free Planet’ which aims at transforming non-polluting, ‘finished use’ and ‘waste’ objects into daily necessities and works of art through redesign and recreation.


Shanghai’s 2019 Design Week has expanded its concept of sub-venues for the first time. In addition to linking off-line physical stores of exhibitors, it has cooperated with the commercial synthesis to launch “Designing Shanghai” sub-venues that will be simultaneously made open to the public.


Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan