Shanghai Education Expo Looks To Vocations

The 16th Shanghai Education Expo will kick off on Friday at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.


This year’s expo focuses on vocational education, and for the first time it has a special area for the Yangtze River Delta region.


About 100 exhibitors, including more than 70 percent of local vocational schools, as well as 16 district education bureaus and related enterprises, will show off their latest achievements and products at the three-day event.


At the Yangtze River Delta exhibition area, visitors will be able to see cooperation programs between schools and enterprises in digital information and cultural creativity.


Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd, iFLYTEK, China’s leading company dedicated to the research of intelligent speech and language technologies, and China’s largest audio platform Ximalaya FM will stage interactive activities at the expo.


Pictures and videos will showcase the history and current situation of vocational education in Shanghai.


There will also be a huge touch-screen for visitors to explore the 40 vocations depicted in the famous Song Dynasty (960-1279) painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival.”


By tapping on the figures, visitors can see current careers related to ancient vocations to find out how professions have changed and developed.


Three forums will be held to address the development of vocational education in Shanghai up to 2035, development opportunities for vocational students, and how students should make career plans against the backdrop of educational reforms.


Other activities include the observation of more than 20 model classes in local vocational schools.


Source: SHINE