Shanghai Honors Body And Organ Donors

Over 2,000 volunteers, families of donors, medical students and medical staff participated in a ceremony to express respect to donors as part of the 17th Shanghai Body Donation Day which fell Friday.


Shanghai was the first to carry out such donations in China in 1982 — the city passed a regulation in 2000, the first of its kind in the nation, to regulate body and organ donations.


The number of those who have registered to donate their bodies or corneas after death, and people who have given donations, in Shanghai account for one third of the total amount in the nation.


By the end of 2018, 51,912 people had registered to donate their bodies or cornea and 11,546 people had given donations.


A total of 12,410 people signed up to donate their organs after death and 622 people have done so, according to the Red Cress Society of China Shanghai Branch, which is in charge of body and organ donations in the city.



Source: SHINE