Shanghai Hosts International Fertility Conference

The infertility rate in China has increased from 1-2 percent 30 years ago to 15-20 percent today. This means that one in eight couples will have trouble conceiving and delivering children, experts told a conference organized by the International Federation of Fertility Societies in Shanghai on Thursday.


A total of 3,500 reproductive experts from home and abroad participated in the four-day event to discuss the latest in reproductive technology and clinical practices.


Experts said the reduction in fertility is related with age, pressure and other causes. The best time for women to have children is between 20 and 30 years old.


“More couples have to turn to medical support to have children. About 2 percent of babies born in China last year required the help of assisted reproductive technology, or ART,” said Dr Sun Yun from Renji Hospital, the largest medical facility in terms of ART capabilities in Shanghai.


A total of 18 medial facilities are permitted to perform ART services in the city.


“To ensure the safety of both mothers and children, and the quality of treatment, the Shanghai health authority released the strictest regulations on ART use to regulate medical practice and prevent technology abuse.”


Source: SHINE