A Diamond In The Rough: SH Library’s East Branch Under Construction

Construction sites are normally a chaotic mess, but in Shanghai, sometimes they can be hiding in plain site. Take for example the Shanghai Library East Branch construction site on Jinxiu Road and Hehuan Road. The site is considered exemplary. Sports and leisure activities nearby continue unabated despite the presence of construction.





How can such major construction happen without influencing its surroundings? In large part, it is due to the technology that goes into the process. It utilizes a plethora of innovative methods to ensure accurate installation, like a 67% steel structure, 3D scans, VR, and facial recognition.


Efficient management technology also lends a helping hand. Construction workers wear safety helmets with 360-degree cameras so people behind the scenes can help supervise and avoid potential hazards.




Shanghai Libaray East Branch will have 114,951 square meters in total, with seven floors above ground and two below. It’s just the skeleton now, but here’s looking forward to when the roof gets put on in September!


Editor: VIC