Shanghai Marvels: When A Monster Port Meets Smart

Located a 3 hour’s drive out of Shanghai on Shengsi Island, Yangshan Port was established in 2005 and is the nearest deep water port to Shanghai – and from there, marketplaces all over China. Against a backdrop of the sea, containers, trucks, ships and bridge cranes are engaged in an efficiently and impeccably choreographed ballet, all conducted by skilled Chinese engineering and know-how.


As one of the main entryways to China’s booming markets, the Yangtze River Basin is of vital importance, and Shanghai’s Ports are among the world’s busiest. In 2018, Yangshan Port serviced 75 international routes and accepted 325 international shipments monthly. Of all Shanghai’s ports, which have ranked first in the world for nine years running, Yangshan handles 43.9% of total throughput, shouldering the weight of nearly half of the city – and much of China’s – shipping.




The 70th anniversary of Shanghai’s liberation gives us a chance to look back on the incredible journey that has taken this city to where it is now, one of greatest metropolises in the world. These achievements did not come easily. They have relied on the ingenuity, determination, dedication and sheer hard work of doctors, engineers and scientists.


This video and the four in the series that follow it tell the stories of the incredible unsung heroes who have transformed this city.



Director/ Editor:Victoria