Shanghai Mobile Offers Goodies For 5G Testers

Shanghai Mobile has started selecting people to participate in 5G trials, offering internet connection up to 50 times faster than current mobile Internet access.


The participants, the first in the country, will get a free 5G phone, SIM card and mobile data allowance, and will give feedback on their experiences, according to China Mobile on Thursday, the leading mobile carrier in the city with more than 25 million subscribers.


China has not yet issued 5G licenses but 5G networks already cover major cities, including Shanghai. Licenses will probably be issued this year.


China Mobile users who consume 10 gigabytes or more a month and work or live in areas with good 5G coverage have priority to take part in the trial.


Also on Thursday, Shanghai Mobile announced partnerships with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, BesTV and L+Mall on 5G uses in finance, video and retail.


L+Mall in Lujiazui will be the first shopping mall with 5G coverage. With technology support from China Mobile and Huawei, 5G services will be available in public spaces on the first and fifth floors, with applications like traffic monitoring, service robots and new-technology shopping guide.


Huawei’s digital indoor system can also be used in railway stations, airports and other places with high-density traffic and huge bandwidth demand, said Peng Honghua, Huawei’s DIS president.


Shanghai Mobile said it will improve its broadband networks in the whole city, managing speeds of up to 1 Gbps or gigabytes per second.


Source: SHINE