Read This To Prepare For Lekima

Under the impact of super typhoon Lekima, Shanghai will be hit by heavy rain and strong winds from August 9 to 11.


The rainfall will be most intense from Friday night to Sunday morning, reaching 120-180 mm. In some places the total rainfall can reach 250 mm with an hourly intensity of 40-60 mm (maximally 60-80 mm). Gales of level 9-11 may impact the downtown area, while in coastal areas gales will reach level 11-12.


Air China, China Eastern, Shanghai Airlines, Spring Airlines, Shandong Airlines and Juneyao Airlines have cancelled part of their flights due to the impact of Lekima. More information about the flight status can be checked with the Airlines Customer Service Hotline.



Multiple high-speed train operations in Shanghai will be suspended on Saturday and Sunday, including those at Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and South Shanghai Railway Station, all due to the possible impact of Lekima. Passengers are advised to call the Railway Customer Service Center of China, 021-12306, or check the 12306 official website.



For safety reasons, some scenic spots will be closed during the weekend including Langxia Park, Jinshan City Beach, and Donglin Temple. Tourists are advised to check with the scenic spots to get more information.


Chongming Port has also been forced to cancel several shipping lanes. More information will be presented on the official website. The outdoor sports competition will be delayed or cancelled, depending on the circumstances.


Editor: Bella(Intern)