Shanghai Releases 3-year Plan To Increase Pre-School Capacity

The Shanghai Education Commission, along with 12 other city departments have released a 3-year plan to improve pre-school education that includes increasing the capacity of kindergartens. Shanghai is home to more than 1,600 kindergartens, with more than 60% of them being public, and expected to operate at near full capacity over the next 3 years.  With this level of demand, Shanghai plans to build another 90 facilities to alleviate pressure, and in anticipation of increasing future demand. Another feature of the plan is to introduce some measure of price control to make the cost of the facilities accessible to the public, while another measure is to require city districts to cover part of the tuition costs for private facilities to ensure at least 85% of children in the age bracket can attend pre-school. Also included in the plan is a provision for installing monitoring cameras in all public areas for safety, while another important provision in the plan is that at least one kindergarten in every neighborhood will provide special education for children with disabilities.


Source: Shanghai Live, ICS