Shanghai Seniors On The Rise: New 4-year Care Plan Launched

More than 34% of Shanghai’s population is above 60 years of age, and these seniors come with an average life expectancy of 83. So providing care for these them is an increasing challenge. Anticipating these challenges, Shanghai is rolling out a 4-year plan to build more facilities, train better caretakers and tighten supervision. As of the end of 2018 there were more than 5 million seniors living in Shanghai, with care options ranging from home care, community senior centers and large nursing homes. Of these, community senior centers are the most popular, providing meals, care and entertainment. Currently there are only 180 of the facilities in Shanghai.  The government plans to double the number over the next 4 years to cater to growth in the senior population. Community care centers have many benefits; they are right inside the communities, convenient to their families, and they tend to be cheaper than large nursing homes, according to Peng Chenlei, Vice Mayor of Shanghai. He went on to say that the challenge was not to build more facilities, but to find properly trained human resources. He said that the government was focusing on this issue by setting professional standards for caregivers by rewarding those with the skills and training with appropriate salaries.


Source: Shanghai Live, ICS