Shanghai Summer Color Travel Guide

Summer is always full of rich and fun activities, but the pervasive rain can make life a bit gray. Here are some of the best spots to get some color in your life.





Sheshan National Forest Park


Sheshan Forest Park is the only natural mountain forest resort in Shanghai. The 115-year-old Observatory and the 80-year-old Sheshan Virgin Hall are the highlights. The air is cool and quiet, and rich in negative oxygen ions. The park is divided into East, West Sheshan, Tianma Mountain and Xiao Kunshan.



Address: Sheshan National tourist Resort, Songjiang District
Ticket: free


Dongping National Forest Park


Dongping National Forest Park in Chongming is the largest man-made plain forest in East China. There are green trees and clean air, also rich in oxygen negative ions, as high as 20,000 per cubic centimeter. The daily temperature in summer is usually 2-3 degrees lower than that of the outside world. It is definitely a good place to escape from the scorching summer and clean your lungs.



Address: No. 2188, North of Chongming District
Tickets: 70 RMB for adult






Jinshan Xinyi Farm sunflower sea


It is a free ornamental sunflower field of 34 mu, which is the largest sunflower planting area in Jinshan. Fans of sunflowers can come here to find your summer color.


Address: Xinyi Village, Fengjing Town, Xinyi Farm





Gu Yi Park


The sixth Shanghai Lotus and Water lily Exhibition has a richer variety and better quality, with a total of more than 600 varieties of lotus, bowl lotus, cold resistant water lily, tropical water lily, and mini water lily. Some have won awards in recent years in international and domestic exhibitions.


Time: 29 June-29 July
Address: No. 218, Hu Yi Road, Nanxiang Town, Jiading District
Admission fee: 12 RMB





Drip Lake
Dishui Lake is away from the noise of the city, and sparsely populated. You can choose to fly on the water by speedboat or enjoy the beauty of the city on a cruise ship. It’s quiet with fresh air and beautiful scenery. It’s a good place for camping, kite flying, fishing, sailing, riding speedboats and cycling around the lake. In the evening, you can also go to South Huizui to find traces of meteors.


Address: Lingang New Town, Pudong New Area




Star Wish Lake


Xingsheng Lake covers an area of about 40 picturesque hectares. Star Wish Lake is far from the noise of the world, with the lake sparkling harmoniously all around. The Park has launched a paid bicycle rental project at the southern end of the park, at Qimeng Bridge. You can rent a bike for up to four people. There are sightseeing ferries on the lake too.


Address: Shanghai International Tourist Resort





Marlu Grape Theme Park


Address: 29 Dazhi road, Malu town, Jiading district
Tickets: 30 RMB


Pujiang River tour



Although Pujiang is suitable for the four seasons of the year, it is cool and comfortable in summer. Especially at dusk, when the lights on the two sides of the Pujiang River begin to shine, you will feel that the whole city seems to begin to sleep gradually.


Cruise Wharf: 16 Shop Wharf, Zhongshan east road, Huangpu District




Hongkou River



Hongkou River has always been Hongkou’s most beautiful place with unique historical buildings and special modern commercial buildings. There is also a commercial street hidden under the riverside space, where you can enjoy some delicious food.


Address: from Qinhuangdao Road in the east to Waibaidu Bridge in the west




We hope this gives you some inspiration for ways to escape the urban jungle!


Source: Dongfang

Editor: Zoey Zou/ Stella Sun(intern)