Fresh Up Your Summer At The Symphony Museum


Hidden at a quiet avenue, at no. 3 Boaqing Road, there is a 90-year-old garden house, the former residence of dye king, Zhou Zongliang. In 2017, it opened to the public as the country’s first symphony museum. This summer, the museum has become very popular with tourists. Every day, its eighty visitor quotas are fully booked, making it another popular spot for the intellectual youth.



A visitor puts on earphones to feel the magic of a symphony. The museum is opened only from Tuesday to Saturday, with reservations having to be made three days in advance. Only eighty visitors are allowed per day, in order to protect the building and maintain a quiet atmosphere at the exhibition.



In the German-style house, the rooms are arranged into exhibition spaces. When Zhou Zongliang bought the garden from a German businessman in 1925, there were only two small German-style buildings in it. Later, he spent seven years and a huge amount of money to expand them into five independent houses.



In an especially designed small building the history of the complex’s construction is illustrated. The restored old house, buildings and gardens have all retained their historical texture. A new corridor has been added between building 2 and building 5 to facilitate a smoother visit.



With the renovation of the house’s interior one has tried to restore the original decorations. The section called River of Music shows the history of symphony music in Shanghai.



Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan