Shanghai Zoo Welcomes Latest Animal Newborns

The Shanghai Zoo in Changning District has welcomed a host of animal cubs this spring, and it’s now asking the public to come up with names for a new-born hippo, the zoo’s operator said on Wednesday.


The male hippo is now one month old and he is the fourth offspring of the zoo’s star animal Xiao Dong Xi.


Xiao Dong Xi is taking good care of her youngest child and stays with him all the time, said Pan Xiuwen, a zoo staff member.


“The baby hippo often rests alongside his mother and sometimes he lies on his mother’s body or swims behind her,” said Pan.


It is a tradition of the zoo to seek names for new members of its hippo family from the public. Ten names will be selected and enter the final stage for voting, Pan said.


Three hog deer were also born at the zoo recently, according to operators.


Once timid, the newborns are now able to walk with their mothers and are becoming bold and naughty, said Pan.


The hog deer is a national first-class protected animal in China.


The zoo’s newest additions also include a lion-tailed macaque and a group of wolf cubs.


The macaque mother has been fed with a variety of fruits and vegetables to enhance nutrition, the zoo operator said.


The zoo is home to 10 lion-tailed macaques, which are listed as endangered by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.


Several wolf cubs born last month are also in good health and are now capable of running and jumping, the zoo operator said.


Source: SHINE