Shanghai’s Greenest Roads

Shanghai’s greenery authorities plan to name 11 roads with “distinctive greenery” voted by the public. These 11 roads have their own particular plants and flowers that keep the city ‘green’ throughout the year. So which road is your favorite?



On the list is the Bansongyuan Road section between Waima Road and Huayuangang Road in Huangpu District. It features about 10 varieties of Chinese roses and are at their best in the months of April, May, October and November.



Also listed is the 1,027-meter Hengtong Road section between Hengfeng Road and Gonghexin Road in Jing’an District. It’s planted with Yoshino cherry trees, sweet gums and crape myrtle trees, which are best appreciated in March, and between July and September, as well as November and December.



The 1.6-kilometer Xinyue Road section between No. 2 Gaodong Road and Yuansan Road in the Pudong New Area is planted with cherry blossoms and has a 900-meter fitness track. The best time of the year there is in March, April, August and September.



The Jinding Road section between Zhenbei Road and Wanzhen Road in Putuo District features camellias and plum blossoms that are at its prettiest from January to April.



The public can vote on which roads make the list and have until December 7 to have their say. Shanghai aims to name 30 such roads by 2020.



Source: Shine

Editor: Zhu Yan