Shanghai’s Hidden Historical Gems

Shanghai is more than a cosmopolitan center. Its history goes far beyond the heritage architecture along the Bund. It is also home to quite a few ancient towns that go back hundreds of years.



Luodian Town in Baoshan District, one of the four famous towns in the northern suburbs, was the first of the seven towns and five cities in Jiading County in the early Ming Dynasty.



Luodian Town has also been named as Shanghai’s new city landscape ecological town, and China’s green ecological and cultural demonstration town.



Luo Dian Old Street

It dates back 600 years to the Yuan Dynasty, when Luodian Town was rich in products and businessmen, and was called “Jinluo Shop”.



Nowadays, the elegant and simple houses are scattered on both sides of the old street. The scene will change with each step, just like walking through a traditional Jiangnan ink painting.



Datong Bridge

The ancient bridge in Luodian Town, spanning the old Qihe River, is one of the few ancient pavilion bridges in Shanghai.



Lai Long Bridge

Lailong Bridge, formerly known as Jiangjiaxiang Bridge, was built in the Qing Dynasty. From a distance, the bridge looks like a long rainbow lying on the water. The railings are also carved with exquisite stone lions.



Baoshan Temple

One of the famous temples in Shanghai.



Hua Shen Tang

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Luodian cotton was a major industry. The cloth woven from the cotton of Luodian town was popular in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces.



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Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan