Shanghai’s Mini-World Cup Opens And Celebrates Sport, Food And Friendliness

Shanghai Jingan Worker’s Stadium was host to this years Mini-World Cup on Saturday as 14 international and one team from China battled it out in the amateur tournamen in Shanghai, which started on Saturday. This years champion team was the Netherlands, beating Brazil by 3 – 1. This year marks the “Cups” fourth tournament, which was played in the spirit of friendly rivalry between expats and Chinese players, with spectators and supporters coming from family and friends. Although all amateurs players, the tournament is taken very seriously by all teams.  Tian Wenqiang, from the Chinese team, said that they don’t have many opportunities to play against foreign teams, so this chance is important to them. This years tournament also provided workshops for young players and food stalls with international dishes making the tournament a truly inter-cultural sporting event for young and old, and a real family day out.


Source: Shanghai Live, ICS