Shoppers Rejoice Over New Returns Policy

Recently, a number of offline retailers in Shanghai have jointly promised that their customers will have “Seven-day no-questions-asked returns”, meaning this right is no longer enjoyed only by netizens, but shall be officially granted to offline customers as well.




Since 2017, there have been legal regulations guaranteeing the right of “Seven-day no-questions-asked returns” for online customers, but it didn’t extend offline for a long time. With the joint efforts from government and enterprises, Shanghai has finally managed to carry out the offline “Seven-day no-questions-asked returns” promise officially.



Previously, there were already been many offline retailers in Shanghai taking the lead to make the “Seven-day no-questions-asked returns” promise a reality, but fear of people abusing the right kept it from being too widespread. Experts are calling for refinement of the relevant laws and regulations to benefit both businesses and customers. It is an important step for promoting economic growth.


Editor: Zoey