Sightseers Rejoice! The 911 Bus Is Back!

The 911 double-decker bus has returned to service today, and it’s better than ever! It’s now safer, more comfortable, and provides for better sightseeing.



The upper deck now has a panoramic sunroof, and its height has been increased to 1.72 meters, so passengers can see more, in greater comfort.


It now takes only one step to get on the bus, making it easier for anyone who is movement-impaired. Once you get on the bus, you can enjoy the new and improved AC system, too.



The lower deck has been optimized with more than 65 seats. Sharp corners have been eliminated and rails have been installed for better passenger safety.



According to the international standards, passengers are only allowed to stand in the lower deck of double-decker buses, so the height of the lower deck has been raised to 1.88 meters. The stairs between the two decks have been widened for easier entry and exit.



The new bus uses short rear-view mirror on the left, long rear-view mirror on the right and a blind zone mirror, effectively improving the field of vision for drivers and ensuring safe driving.


Editor: Lily