Simplifying Customs For The CIIE

Today is 17 days from the opening of the first China International Import Expo. Shanghai Customs said at a press conference yesterday that it would create a new digital, intelligent, convenient and intensive supervision mode, striving to make the first CIIE a success.



It is more friendly for guest clearance.


Shanghai Customs has opened a total of 38 VIP courtesy channels at the city’s airports and stations piers to speed up the clearance of guests. For those who carry pets(dogs or cats), the procedures will be simplified. Also for those who take special items, if they provide the doctors’ prescriptions, the clearance procedure will also be simplified.



It is more intelligent for cargo clearance.


In terms of cargo, Shanghai Customs has set up 92 special windows for CIIE’s goods and materials at various sites. In order to improve the efficiency of customs clearance, Shanghai Customs has developed a large data platform for cross-border trade management, which allows customs to share information with the city’s international trade “single window” systems and to provide the exhibitors with full process declaration services.



It is more flexible for exhibits inspection.


In order to ensure the first CIIE is underway successfully, Shanghai Customs has collaborated with various zones for cargo inspection. The main inspection venue is at the port while other inspection venues were set beside the National Convention and Exhibition Center. Moreover, temporary inspection zones have been set up at the north square of the National Convention and Exhibition Center, including inspection zones, container storage zones, temporary cargo withholding zones and isolation treatment zones. All of these have been well prepared to meet the inspection requirements of various special commodities during the first CIIE.



Source: Eastday

Editor :Zhu Yan