Sleepless City Of Shanghai, The Light Of Economic Innovation

When the sun sets, the lights turn on. Unseen to many, this is when Shanghai’s innovation comes to life.


At Yangshan Deepwater Port, dozens of overhead cranes keep thousands of containers moving 24/7.


At Hongqiao International Airport, passengers shuttle between Shanghai and Beijing every 6 minutes, like clockwork.


At Jingan’s Guotai Jun’an Securities, a new shift starts and the ‘night owls’ clock in because capital never sleeps.


Engineers work through the night at Deep Blue AI in Changning to perfect their world-changing innovations.


At Jiading’s United Imaging, migrant workers toil their fingers to the bone to meet high demand, from sundown to sunup.


At the Bund and every little corner of Shanghai, those who worked through the night feel the warmth of the sun’s first rays, and get ready for another day of work that takes them all one step closer to their dreams.


And on and on it goes.


Shanghai continues to illuminate the night with innovation that guides the way to a better future.


Director: Gu Jia/Zou Xin/Zhu Yan