Smart New EV Taxis Hit The Road Next Month

Starting next month, about 200 EV cars will be used as taxis of Qiangsheng and Dazhong Taxi Services, appearing on the streets in Shanghai.


It is the first time that the city’s taxi market has introduced EV cars. The taxi fee is still under discussion.



Smart systems are a highlight of the new cars.


The vehicle control system integrates operation status, pricing, electronic certificates and other information, and the safety performance is also significantly improved, as the vehicle’s sensory data is monitored in real time.



Besides, there are new taxi features such as QR-code payment, driver face recognition, security monitoring. If the driver smokes, dozes or commits other violations, the back-end terminal will quickly issue warnings.


There is also an alarm function on the car. When there is an emergency, the alarm will be triggered for help.





Source:  Xinmin Evening News

Editor:  Zhu Yan