Something To Think About – A Time Of Magicians

Philosophy, according to writer and philosopher Wolfram Eilenberger, can “sometimes be quite boring” which is why he wrote his book, A Time of Magiciansabout 4 of Germany’s most famous thinkers during the decade 1919 -1929. Eilenberger describes his book as not being about academic philosophy, but rather, it focuses on what it means to live a more philosophical life. Based on the works of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Walter Benjamin, Ernst Cassirer and Martin Heidegger, the book begins and ends in 1929 to provide a snapshot of ideas from the four philosophers, and rather than presenting the traditional biographical view, the book celebrates a decade of incomparable spiritual creativity in the 20thcentury. Eilenberger calls his book A Time of Magiciansbecause he believes that philosophy is a form of magic, allowing us to introduce unexplored ideas and thoughts into our lives and open up new perspectives in our differences. When published in Germany last year, the book ranked 5thin the list of non-fiction best sellers and has since been translated into more than 20 languages with the Chinese version making its debut at this years Shanghai Book Fair.



Source: Shanghai Live, ICS