Southwest China Battles Forest Fires

Hundreds of firefighters are battling forest fires that have been sweeping mountain forests in three different counties in southwest China’s Sichuan Province.


A forest fire that killed 27 firefighters and three locals a week ago in Muli County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, started to burn again Saturday afternoon.


In addition, the counties of Yuexi and Mianning, also in Liangshan, have been battered by forest fires since Sunday, according to the local government of the prefecture.


Firefighters are still battling to extinguish the fires at the three sites as of Monday morning.


As of 10am on Monday, three helicopters had been sent for fire detection and extinguishing work in Li’er Village, Yalongjiang Township. Over 1,000 ground forces, including firefighters and locals, were dispatched to the site.


The fire in Muli first broke out on March 30, which was initially extinguished April 2. Strong wind caused the fire to start up again.


The cause of the fires in Yuexi and Mianning are yet to be confirmed.


Source: Xinhua