Spanish Guide To Shanghai Republished With New Tips & City Info

Known around the world as a welcoming city, Shanghai is also a place with many secrets waiting to be uncovered. A new city guide for Spanish visitors to Shanghai has been published by the Biblioteca Miguel de Cervantes as a primer that will help people get the most out of the city.


An updated version for the original Guia de Shanghai published for the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, this version includes a section on the city’s history, useful phrases to know and the tourist spots to visit. To account for all of the changes that have taken place since the World Expo, this new version also includes information on ride-hailing apps, mobile payment methods and updated dining and nightlife listings.


Editors and photographers with Guia de Shanghai


It also includes some insight on the hidden cultural relationship between Shanghai and Spain, like the Spanish link that led to the building of the Hongkew Cinema in 1908, and the cooperation between Ming Dynasty-era scientist, astronomer and bureaucrat Xu Guangqi and Spanish missionary Diego de Pantoja.



Contributors include Shanghai-based expats and cultural researcher, and the guide can be downloaded free from the institute’s website and is available at the Biblioteca Miguel de Cervantes at 208 Anfu Road.


The Biblioteca Miguel de Cervantes Shanghai is a library under the Cervantes Institute and Consulate General of Spain.


Photography found in the Guia was submitted by several locally-based photographers. A selection of their work is currently on display at the Biblioteca Miguel de Cervantes until March 23.



Editor: Zoey