Spring Showers On The Way

The temperature will be like a roller-coaster ride this week with the mercury forecast to drop by almost 10 degrees Celsius to 13 on Monday and soar back to nearly 20 degrees on Tuesday.


After a mild Wednesday with a high of 21, it will cool off on Thursday to 15 degrees, followed by a colder Friday.


There will also be spring showers as a result of low pressure.


According to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, Monday will begin with overcast skies and showers in the morning.


It will be dry and cloudy on Monday afternoon but turn showery again on Tuesday afternoon. The showery weather will last through Thursday morning and then clear. The dry conditions will remain on Friday.


On Monday the high will be 13 degrees with a low of 11. On Tuesday and Wednesday the mercury will range between 9 and 21 degrees. On Thursday and Friday the temperatures will fluctuate between 8 and 15 degrees.


Source: SHINE