Star Wars Review From A Non Star Wars Fan (Spoiler-Free)

Before we get into this review I’ve got to make clear that the Star Wars movies never really did it for me. Like most, I saw them as a child and was sucked in to the galaxy-hopping story of space ninjas versus space Nazis, but that’s where my interest in those films started and ended; in my childhood.



Because here’s something that most middle-aged Star Wars fans seem to forget: they’re children’s movies.


That doesn’t mean that I won’t go and see every Star Wars movie once it hits the cinema. I was there on opening day for The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi – heck, I even went to see Rogue One twice (admittedly the second time was just to escape the hellish Montreal winter for a few hours) – because you can’t beat this billion-dollar franchise in terms of eye-popping effects and focus-grouped storytelling.



And of course, with the latest iteration of the Star Wars saga, the Internet lit up with fans of the series complaining about it. Just like they did with The Force Awakens. And Rogue One. And the prequels. And the original trilogy, come to think of it. You start to get the feeling that the Star Wars fans actually don’t like Star Wars all that much.


One of the biggest complaints was that the latest film had too many jokes – because why shouldn’t a film about space telekinesis and laser swords should take itself very seriously? We’re in the age where grown adults shell out money to watch the biggest film franchises about superhero team-ups and a boarding school for wizards.



The second biggest complaint is what actually made me wasn’t to see this film the most, as fans were angry about seeing the new Luke Skywalker and the choices the character makes. Fans were in an uproar that it was very much unlike the Luke they ‘know’, in so far as you can know a very broadly drawn character from a cast of very, very broadly-drawn characters.


I wanted to see a Star Wars movie that I wouldn’t forget immediately after walking out of the cinema, and with some of these choices, the latest Star Wars movie mostly delivers.


So, my review: yeah it’s fine. Check it out.



Contributor: Colin Hanna