Stay Visa For Foreigners Who Change Jobs

Foreigners in Shanghai who change their job can apply for a stay visa under certain circumstances, Shanghai police said on Friday.


They can apply to exit-entry authorities for such a visa if their company terminates a contract ahead of time. In such a case, they need to produce proof of no longer working for the company and usually can get a stay visa of one month.


Also, if their visa or residence permit is going to expire while their company is closed, they can apply for a stay visa by stating the situation, police said.


Those with urgent needs can apply for fast-track services, while those who are not able to extend their visa or stay or residence permits on time due to the coronavirus epidemic measures could be exempt from punishment for overstaying or receive lighter punishments, but the decisions are to be made at exit-entry offices, police said earlier.


About 300 foreigners a day have been applying for visa extensions lately, with their needs focused on jobs, schooling and family reunions, police said.


Source: SHINE