Storm Set To Bring Showers

Showers and strong winds are expected in the city on Friday and over the weekend as severe tropical storm Lekima approaches, city forecasters said on Tuesday.


Under its influence, there will be frequent rain later this week, according to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau.


Lekima is gaining power as it slowly moves northwest, the bureau said.


It is forecast to land or sweep the northern part of Taiwan between Thursday night and Friday morning, before approaching China’s southeast coast.


It is likely to make a second landing in central Zhejiang Province and northern Fujian Province between Friday night and Saturday morning, the bureau said.


Wednesday, which marks the Qixi Festival, or Chinese Valentine’s Day, should be cloudy with showers, and temperatures should range between 27 degrees Celsius and 34 degrees. There will be showers, forecasters said.


The highest temperature should drop 1 degree with the same low on Thursday, which will be cloudy.


On Friday, the mercury should hover between 27 and 32 degrees.


Saturday and Sunday should be overcast with showers, with temperatures reaching 31 degrees on both days.


Saturday’s low will be 27 degrees, Sunday’s 28.


Source: SHINE