Summertime Getaways Just Around The Corner

Need a weekend day trip to get away from the urban hustle and bustle? How about a ride out to Jinshan? It’s full of wonderful summertime activities to refresh you and fulfill your summertime desires! Here are some of the options:




Langxia Park

Peaches, watermelons, pineapples, grapes… The fragrant smell of fruit wafting through the air signals the start of summertime. The first Langxia Fruit and Vegetable Festival is going on in Lanngxia Park.



Address: No.9133 at Caolang Rd, Jinshan District


Hua Kai Hai Shang Ecological Park

Get some green in your life as you enjoy the lilies in the pond at the Ecological Park.



Address: No.6060 at Xiujing Rd, Jinshan District


Parrot Wetland Park

This one is fun and educational! Bring your children to learn more about green plants and eco-systems of the world.



The immersion in nature and learning experience stimulates your body and your mind! Of course these aren’t your only options! Feel free to explore the wonders that Shanghai offers!


Editor: Yolanda