Sunshine And Showers This Week

Shanghai residents are being warned to prepare for changeable weather conditions this week.


Spring sunshine will start the new week and it will be drier than usual, with bigger temperature differences between day and night.


Morning temperatures in downtown areas are set to hover around 8 degrees Celsius, and may drop to 3 to 5 degrees in suburban areas, with some frost. As the sun rises, the mercury will start to climb, up to 18 degrees around noon, according to Shanghai Meteorological Bureau.


But the sunshine won’t last. Tuesday will be cloudy to overcast, with temperatures staying stable between 9 and 16 degrees.


An area of low pressure will bring rainy weather on Wednesday, and there will be showers in the city’s south side. Temperatures will fluctuate between 11 and 17 degrees. Downpours will continue to Thursday, lowering the maximum temperature to between 11 and 14 degrees, but the skies will turn clear late on Thursday.


On Friday, the Qingming Festival or tomb-sweeping day, will be cloudy with temperatures ranging between 13 and 20 degrees.


Source: SHINE