Support Offered To Small Shops

Plans are afoot to make life easier for small or temporary shops in the city, with 10 measures including quick application channels for weekend bazaars and night markets.


The Commission of Commerce on Thursday discussed ways to help corner shops with Shanghai characteristics.


Weighed-down competition from e-commerce, higher rents and the rise of shopping malls, corner shops face serious challenges, and rescuing small shops has become a hot topic.


There are about 475,000 commercial outlets in Shanghai and small shops on the streets account for 90 percent of the total, according to Kong Fu’an, director of commerce and trade at Shanghai Commission of Commerce.


Authorities have visited small shops and talked to their owners, finding out the difficulties they encountered.


The commission has put forward 10 measures to support small shops as an important part for the “Shanghai Shopping” brand, including setting up fast approval channels for weekend bazaars, night markets and other activities.


There are also plans to develop theme blocks in a market-oriented manner and to use state-owned resources to cut rents, the commission said.


“Pushing forward the big plan also requires close attention to detail. Authorities should take practical measures and make real moves to help small shops,” said Liu Min, deputy director of the city’s Commission of Commerce.


Source: SHINE