Suzhou Creek, Heart Of Shanghai

Suzhou Creek is the mother river of Shanghai. The city center lies along its banks. Almost half of Shanghai was born around the Suzhou Creek. Altogether 31 bridges with different shapes and materials are built over the Suzhou Creek. That is why Suzhou Creek is called the Museum of Bridges.




Garden Bridge of Shanghai

Completed in 1908, Garden Bridge of Shanghai is the first bridge of full steel in China. It has become one of the landmarks of Shanghai because of its rich history and unique design.





Zhapu Road Bridge

Located in the northwest of Puxi, Zhapu Road Bridge was originally transformed from a floating bridge built by the Episcopal Church from the United States of America. Now it is a reinforced concrete bridge connecting Huqiu Road and Zhapu Road.




Kaixuan Road Bridge

The original name of Kaixuan Road Bridge was Railway Road. The name came from 1915 when the government built the steel-structured bridge for trains to pass over the Suzhou Creek.



All the different bridges on Suzhou Creek have witnessed the memories of beautiful days of Shanghai.



Editor: Xue Guanpu