Tank Shanghai Makes Its Debut

After 2,190 days and 52,560 hours of design and renovation, the highly anticipated Tank Shanghai will finally be unveiled to the public with three exhibitions in the West Bund of the Huangpu River in Xuhui District on March 23.



The art center consists of five original steel aviation fuel tanks, built in 1917 to fuel the former Longhua airport, which cover 60,000 square meters. The five oil tanks are both connected and independent of each other.



One of the opening exhibitions is “Universe of Water Particles in the Tank”, brought by teamLab.



With the profound, poetic and highly changeable expression of “water”, the interior space of the No.5 tank is transformed into a large-scale immersive interactive art work. The exhibition will run until August 24.



The other two are “Under Construction” featuring a cluster of works created by 13 Chinese contemporary artists in Tank No. 4, and a solo sculpture exhibition of Adrian Villar Rojas’ work in Tank No. 3.



Visitors can take Metro lines 7, 11 and 12 to get there, and the admission fee is 200 yuan. More wonderful articles about the exclusive interviews of the architect and the founder of teamLab will be presented later.


Source: Eastday, Shanghai Tourism

Editor: Chi Yiting (Intern)