Teaching Students How To Be Safe

For the fourth semester in row, a one-hour public safety education class will be aired on the first day of the new semester.


The “First Class on Public Safety Education,” organized mainly by the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, the Shanghai Education Commission and the Shanghai Emergency Management Bureau, will be aired from 6pm to 7pm on Monday on Shanghai Education TV and also live streamed on several websites.


It was announced that the new series will, for the first time, have instructors and students act out real-life scenarios in knowledge sharing.


Students will be told how to keep themselves safe in their communities, on the road to school and at school, and topics include how to avoid drowning, how to save someone who is drowning, how to safely ride a bike on the street and how to stay safe when a fire breaks out at school.


Also, experts from the seismological bureau and the Red Cross Society will teach students how to stay safe when an earthquake hits and how to resurrect a drowned person.


The show will also be aired live on Metro TV and it can also be followed at:












Source: SHINE