Tech Making Shanghai Roads Safer

In such a busy city, traffic safety is of paramount concern. Shanghai is doing its part by instituting some snazzy new traffic crossings to make life easier for pedestrians and motor vehicles. Here are a few of the most notable additions to our city streets.



  1. Eshan Road Nanquan Road’s Junction

At the intersection of Eshan Road and Nanquan Road, “luminous floor tiles” shine at night. When the green light comes on, the ground flashes green. When the red light is on, the floor tiles turn red.



Do you feel that walking on these glittering lines, is as if you are stepping on “keys” and “playing” a special serenade?



  1. The intersection of Lujiazui Ring Road, Century Avenue

The rush hour and lunch hour at the intersection of Lujiazui Ring Road on Century Avenue are very busy. Sometimes, pedestrians in a hurry will jaywalk.



Now, this phenomenon has been effectively alleviated, because the zebra crossing at this junction is different from other places in that it has a diagonal shape. This greatly reduces the waiting time at traffic lights and regulated the order of pedestrians crossing the road.



  1. Dingxiang Road, Fangdian Road junction

At intersections, it is common to see a dangerous mix of non-motorized and motorized vehicles turning. At the intersection of Dingxiang Road and Fangdian Road, such a phenomenon is not allowed.



Here, a non-motorized driver making a left turn must wait in the non-motorized zone before following the signal light to reach the destination.



  1. The intersection of Gangcheng Road and Tonggang road

“Bao Jiaozi”, refers to the large freight car in violation of the provisions of the right turn, collided with normal direction of non-motor vehicles and pedestrian. It’s the main cause of large truck traffic accidents.



In order to reduce the occurrence of such incidents, the city has set up a “safe right turn” demonstration intersection at the intersection of Gangcheng Road and Tonggang Road, marked the “right turn danger zone” on the road, and widened the stop line for red light simultaneously.



  1. Wujiaochang

Last year, Zhengtong Road and Guoji Road added a new smart pedestrian crossing line that glows. This intelligent pedestrian crossing is a warning system for pedestrians to yield to vehicles.



When a pedestrian passes through the infrared trigger at the intersection, the system will automatically determine that there is a pedestrian passing through the crosswalk area. Floor tile lights will be lit on both sides of the zebra crossing, and continuous flashing will prompt the passing vehicle to slow down and yield to the pedestrian, and two-way warning will be given to the pedestrian and passing vehicle on the crosswalk. When the pedestrian passes the zebra crossing safely, the floor tile light will be automatically extinguished.


This new intelligent crosswalk greatly improves the visibility of the zebra crossing at night, playing the role of reminder and warning function.



After a period of operation, the smart sidewalk has a clear reminder for both drivers and pedestrians. It not only extends the safe distance between motor vehicles and pedestrians, improves the courtesy of motor vehicles and pedestrians’ awareness, but also improves the bad habits of “phubbers” who cross the street dangerously, thus adding to road safety.




Even though there are all of these new technological improvements out in the streets now, they are no replacement for being careful. Make sure you look both ways when you cross the street and follow traffic rules!


Editor: Stella Sun (Intern)