Temperature Set To Plunge

The temperature is expected to drop by 8 to 10 degrees Celsius after a summer-like Wednesday of 25 degrees, the highest so far this year.


According to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, a cold front will result in strong winds and rain until Friday. Sunny skies will be back at the weekend.


The bureau also issued this year’s first yellow alert for lightning on Wednesday.


After a gloomy and wet morning, the mercury rose to 25.3 degrees at the benchmark Xujiahui weather station in downtown.


Qingpu District was the warmest with a high of 28.8 degrees, followed by a reading of 28.5 recorded in Songjiang District. Temperatures in other areas ranged between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius.


The bureau said it’s not uncommon for the temperature to be above 25 degrees in March. On March 9, 2013, the temperature hit 29.5 degrees.



Thursday will first be dry and overcast but later turn drizzly in the afternoon with a low of 11 and a high of 18. Friday will see temperatures under 11 degrees with overcast skies.


The weekend will fluctuate between 7 and 15 degrees Celsius with a sunny Saturday then a cloudy and partly drizzly Sunday.


Monday will be cloudy with both the low and high increasing to 10 and 17 degrees.


Source: Shine