The Artistry Of Sheshan National Forest Park

Visitors to Shanghai’s Sheshan National Forest Park are in for an artistic treat! Recently, colorful paintings themed “Shanghai’s Roots: Civil Songjiang” have appeared on the white walls directly across the East entrance of the park. Various styles such as silkscreen prints, paper-cuts, doodles, traditional paintings, and oil paintings are on display together, all of which embody Songjiang elements and characteristics.





According to Chen Yaoming, the event’s organizer and Shanghai Institute of Visual Art’s vice principal, the painted wall is 150 meters long and includes 23 paintings, each of which is 1.8 meters tall and 7 meters wide. These paintings were selected from the 60 artworks on the wall of Xinsongjiang Road last year. Before the project, the wall was repaired and waterproofed to ensure that the acrylic paintings maintain their bright colors regardless of weather conditions. The painted wall is expected to be completed within a week.





Editor: Yolanda