The Beauty Of Culture In Jing’an

Jing’an District announced a list of its most beautiful public cultural facilities and rewarded ten people contributing a lot to the area’s cultural development. Here are some of the highlights.


The most beautiful cultural center
Jing’an District Culture Center



Located in No. 459 North Wulumuqi Road, Jing’an District Culture Center is a wonderful place for leisure. You can read, DIY, and experience Chinese traditional culture there.


The most beautiful cultural brand
Modern Drama Valley



It’s one of the most important commercial theater platforms in Shanghai. Every year, there are famous plays from home and abroad during the event.



The most beautiful neighborhood committee
Yuhua Committee of Jing’an Temple Street



They are committed to keeping the neighborhood as clean and cultured as possible. Through their work, their neighborhood has become a shining example for others.


Editor: Zoey