The Best Parks For Nighttime Fun

Shanghai is certainly awe-inspiring during the daytime, but the nighttime is when things really come alive. There is so much to do all across the city at night. You can catch a boat ride down the river. You can stroll along the waterfront. Of course there are the omnipresent bars, but what about options for people who want an easier-going night out? Here are some of the best parks to visit at night in Shanghai.



Fuxing Park

This is a place full of memories for old Shanghainese. You can go for a night run at the old garden areas to get a taste of the city while you exercise.



Xujahui Park

The birthplace of China’s national anthem, “The March of the Volunteers” is a restaurant now. Almost all famous celebrities of the modern Chinese art scene have been to this place.

New Hongqiao Central Garden

It is the world’s largest, most versatile, most complex, and best quality permanent sports park.

Minhang Cultural Garden


It is a special garden of magnolias, coming in with the largest area and widest variety of the plants in all of Shanghai.



Youyi Park

The main attractions of the park are its beautiful and natural-looking artificial lakes, and the layout is characterized by natural gardens.



Putuo Park

The overall layout of the park is dominated by plant landscaping, which makes the park harmonious and natural in both the landscape and the environment.



As night falls, take it easy and enjoy the beauty of Shanghai parks with your friends.



Editor: Zoey/ Dong Yihua(intern)