The Best Spot For Cherry Blossoms

The annual Cherry Blossom Festival at Gucun Park in Baoshan District will start next Friday, March 16th and run until April 15th.


Gucun Park is the largest in Shanghai, with 12,000 cherry trees of 82 different species. They will begin to bloom next week.




The park has five areas to enjoy the flowers: The Cherry Forest, The Cherry Garden, Children’s Forest Carnival, Forest Leisure Sports Garden, and The Forest Roaming Garden. It doesn’t matter which area you choose, you will be immersed in a world of cherry blossoms.





Apart from cherry flowers, the park operators have planted over 10,000 square meters of tulips and 200,000 square meters of orchids, cole flowers, and other varieties.


The park, said to be the largest in Asia, can handle 120,000 visitors at a time, but its entry will be limited to 96,000 to ensure safety.


Last year, a record 182,966 visited on April 3rd during the Qingming Festival holiday.


Since the festival was launched in 2011, it has become one of the most popular events for locals as well as visitors from neighboring provinces.


Location: No. 4788 Hu Tai Road


Service Hotline: 021-56045199; 021-36621019


Tickets Prices:  Adults 20 RMB; Student 10 RMB


Traffic Guide:


No. 1 Park Gate: No. 4788, Hutai Rd. Take Bus No. 963, Beihua Line, Jiatai Line and Baoshan No. 3 Line


No. 2 Park Gate: at the intersection between Jingpohu Rd. and Luxiang Rd. Take Rail No. 7 for Gucun Park Station or Bus No. 527 Line.


Parking Areas:  parking lots at No. 1 Park Gate (on Hutai Rd.),  No. 2 Park Gate (on Jingpohu Rd.)  and No. 3 Park Gate.


To ensure smooth transportation during the festival, the park will allot 2,400 temporary parking spaces in the surrounding area in addition to the 3,000 parking spaces (850 for No. 1 Park Gate, 150 for No. 2 Park Gate, and 2,000 for No. 3 Park Gate) in use.



Apart from Gucun Park, there are also some other places where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in Shanghai including Luxun Park, Century Park, Minhang Sports Park and Tongji University.


Luxun Park
No. 280 Tian’ai Road



Century Park
No. 1001 Jinxiu Road



Minhang Sports Park

No. 456 Xinzhen Road



Shanghai Tongji University

No. 1239 Siping Road



Source: Gucun Park, Shine
Editor: Bonnie Lu