The City’s Improving Facilities For Infant Care

Today is International Women’s Day. For mothers, maternal and infant facilities are so important.



In Shanghai, most of the baby care rooms in newly built shopping malls are relatively perfect, and the early established shopping malls will further improve their facilities and pursue the humanization of services.


In the parks of Shanghai, awareness is also improving, and the construction of baby care rooms is about to start. Shanghai has learned from the world’s certified ‘child-friendly city’ and selected the three themes of “ecology”, “safety” and “participation” to advocate the construction of a child-friendly city.



Raffles Plaza, Changning offers water dispensers and two small compartments inside, which can be used by many parents at the same time to reduce waiting time.



K11 Art Shopping Center’s baby care room is surrounded by a gentle light and green plants to help babies sleep.



Shanghai New World Damaru has baby care rooms with carpets, baby chairs, toy rooms, independent breast-feeding rooms, and magazines.



Grand Gateway 66 provides bottle cleaner and wet wipes.



It is believed that in the future, with the support of the government, Shanghai will gradually improve and effectively promote the planning and layout of the construction of maternal and infant facilities in public places.



Source: Shanghai Observor

Editor: Chi Yili (Intern)