The Developing Public Arts Of Shanghai

Public arts have always been applied to showcase the development and planning of a city. And Shanghai has always been a pioneer in this respect.



Presently, Watershed, Encounter Jing’an Pengyuepu Community Reshaping Waterfront Public Art Site is taking place at Riverside Space of Pengyuepu. It is an extension of this year’s Shanghai Urban Space Art Season (SUSAS). Based on the development strategy of public space, “One River and One River” in Shanghai, the main exhibition focuses on waterfront spaces that have the power to change lives for the better.



There are 12 collections of public artworks, created by young artists from three art universities (Shanghai Academy of Fine arts, Tianjin Academy of Fine arts, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts). The works closely follow the theme of “Watershed · Encounter”, with natural, human and social elements of the waterfront space of Pengyuepu as the creative stimuli. The young artists created their artworks with new and interesting forms of expression and rich interactive experience.