The End Has Begun: Avengers Arrives!

How many of your friends waited at midnight for the film to start? How many of your friends posted their feelings on Wechat at around 3.30 am?



Avengers4: Endgame is finally here. The epic finale of Marvel’s superhero mega blockbuster hit theaters in China on Wednesday, ahead of even the US release, and many Marvel fans watched the premiere in the early morning.



The film has already showed its super box-office drawing power in the Chinese market, according to a report by The box-office for the film at 00:00 this morning reaches 179 million yuan and the box-office for the first day of its release has already reached 446 million yuan.


The movie’s pre-release sales on the Chinese mainland surpassed 500 million yuan, setting a new record in China’s film history, according to box-office tracker Maoyan Professional Version, but with such great popularity comes great tickets prices, especially in centrally-located cinemas in first-tier cities.



Goodbye, heroes!


Editor: Bonnie Lu